As for the civil and residential buildings, even for the industrial one, the building envelope and the façade represent “the dress” of a building and in it both the technological performances and the architectural rendering are enclosed.

In addition to expertise in sophisticated, high-performance solutions such as insulated rear-ventilated facades, more common in civil and residential areas (see Section), we are also specialized in building envelope for industrial and logistics buildings, large-scale, where the prefabrication of the structural elements and the engineering of the production and installation processes are crucial to follow the timetable in the context of the programme of the various interventions.


According to your request, our engineers will develop for you the most effective solution, functional and cost-effective, that better fits into the context of the project, also being able to operate in circumstances of adaptation, extension or renovation of buildings where the coexistence is necessary/ mandatory with the customer’s production activities.

We can boast many years of experience in important projects for the most important world leaders in the e-commerce fiedl, as well as in doing industrial building envelopes, with solutions always performing, as well as respecting budget and on schedule.

Be guided or simply ask advice, we will guide you in choosing the best “dress” for your property, taking into account every aspect, from the technological to the architectural ones with the related regulations, in order to identify the best design solution with a tailored approach, to aspire to a result that few people expect, but that the our Customers and their own properties deserve.