As for the civil and residential buildings, the roofing completes the building envelope, but often, in the industrial field it also has an important value as a technological surface.

Often the roofs of industrial buildings include technological installations and they must guarantee not only the impermeability and the performance of energy containment, but also important top illuminating surfaces and considerable loadbearing capacity.

Above all, the frequent presence of maintenance technicians and installers requires the design to take into consideration important static, technical, physical and safety aspects.

We have many years of proven experience in important projects for the most important world leaders in the e-commerce sector, as well as in the building envelope for industry and craft industries, with always performing solutions as well as respecting budgets and time schedule.

Be guided or simply ask advice, we will guide you in choosing the best solution, taking into account every aspect, being able to operate also in contexts of refurbishment and replacement of existing roofing, also for the replacement of asbestos-cement sheets.